Database of U N Human Rights Agreements

About the Project

This database was designed for researchers and for anyone else with an interest in international human rights law.

Researchers. By providing coverage of all UN HRAs – and not just the handful of ‘core’ agreements that attract most scholars’ attention – the database aims to make systematic analysis of these agreements possible. In addition, by making data available in a format that can easily be linked with other datasets, the project hopes to encourage integration of HRA data into political science research.

Other members of the public. How many HRAs has Libya ratified? How many women’s rights agreements are there? Is the US really a laggard when it comes to participation in these agreements? The database enables anyone with an internet connection to explore these and related questions.

Jana von Stein is the principal investigator; this project received generous support from the University of Michigan and Victoria University of Wellington.

Victoria University of Wellington Institute for Social Research

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